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Time to Get Exploring!

The hustle and bustle of the toddler room is full of love and support while these little ones explore the world around them soaking up knowledge and trust while expanding their language and communication skills and developing social and coping skills! Toddlers are active learners.  The keys to a Toddlers learning are trust in their caregivers and comfort in their environment. We establish this through intentional interactions with adults, consistent routine, and a rich learning environment. 

Our teachers will build relationships through warm interactions, soft communication and respect. Our teachers will nurture each child while catering to their special needs and temperaments. 


This classroom has an established daily routine and schedule for your toddler, this routine accommodates time for each toddler needs physically, mentally and emotionally. Routines give toddlers a sense of stability and security which creates trust and builds confidence and independence as they can engage in play and learning in a predictable environment.  


All children, including Toddlers will learn best in a rich learning environment. Our classroom has plenty of space and is set up in learning areas which are safe and accommodating to toddler learning.  


Curriculum for this classroom will revolve around the six core content domains for infants and toddlers. These areas include approaches to learning; social and emotional development; physical development and health; communication, language and literacy; cognitive development; and creative art.  The curriculum will be child directed and teacher assisted. Assessments will be conducted on each child indicating their individual developmental milestones and then built into the design of our curriculum for the classroom.  


This classroom is also equipped with a toddler toilet.  This will enhance independence and encourage the transition from diapers to big kid pants for the toddler.  Toddlers will become problem solving enthusiast as they gain self-help skills and language skills throughout their time in this classroom. 


Once the toddler reaches at least 30 months of age, is fully potty trained and is proficient in drinking out of a normal cup they will be transitioned into the preschool room! 

Toddler Supply List 

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