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A Culture of Doing…

With social media having such a heavy influence of our children’s lives, core values and self-concepts are suffering. Humanity is becoming a lost notion. Global awareness is nearly nonexistent. We want to change that in our community. We want our students to see the world a little bigger than they see it now. We want them to see what kind of differences they can make personally as well as in a group.  Our school age classrooms will take part in numerous community events. They will work as a team, to identify different needs within our own community and abroad. We will do several fundraising events for which the children will decide where the funds will be used, and they will be able to see how they have enhanced another’s life because of their hard work and dedication.


Our goal is to inspire every child to feel important and to see that although they are only a small piece in this very big world, they are indispensably vital to the future of this world. Our intention with this method of teaching, is to show these young children they have a purpose much bigger than themselves and to inspire them to act on their purpose to make a positive difference to those around them. Helping children feel vitally important when they are younger will hopefully save them from being influenced as teenagers and young adults to conform to the negative influences of society.

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