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What a Bright Future We Have 

What a remarkable year of growth! Our main goal in this classroom is to develop supportive and trusting relationships between our infants and our teachers.  Infants get individual time and attention as well as time in groups to learn and explore the classroom and the materials. We fill your infant’s day with unlimited opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor activities as well as language and communication. Our teachers are trained in developmental milestones as well as basic growth and development and will use these skills to assess your infant on an ongoing basis to ensure they are getting everything they need in life.  Curriculum will be created based on your infant’s specific needs and interests. 

Infants follow their own eating and sleeping patterns.  Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their infants for as long as they possibly can. We have a private nursing room located within the women’s bathroom, allowing mothers to visit their infants throughout the day and have a private moment to bond and feed their baby. Older infants will begin to use a spoon and a sippy cup as soon as they are developmentally ready. 

Infants graduate into the Junior Toddler/Toddler Room when they are walking, able to conform to the same nap schedule as the Toddler Room, no longer drinking bottles throughout the day and can drink efficiently from a sippy cup. 

Infant Room Supply List 

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