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About The Director

My name is Maggie Collins, I have two amazing children Colin and Sophia. I have worked in childcare since 1998, I opened my first home-based daycare in 2002. I earned my associate degree in child development in 2003, my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration in 2011 and My associate degree in nursing in 2014. I then completed my bachelor’s in nursing in the spring of 2016. I owned and operated a childcare center from 2004- 2008, then moved back into a home-based childcare in 2008.  Although I love the environment of a home childcare, I have been dreaming of doing “more” for several years. I have watched hundreds of children grow up, and I have been observing the way our society embeds itself into their lives, shaping them in ways that can be damaging to their genuine selves. I have a vision, to change this perspective in our youth. I hope to instill values and confidence, where society has stripped it away. My goal is to make every child see their importance and potential in the world as well as be able to see it in others. I believe inspiring this in our youth will lead to an easier transition into the teen years as well as into adulthood.  

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