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Imagination Brings Magical Experiences

Oh the joys of being a preschool child, where every day they are captivated by their own imaginations and find glory in life’s smallest accomplishments! This room is always an exciting atmosphere as everyone is focused on being a big kid and is delighted to show off their new skills.  

In this classroom the teacher ignites the student’s curiosity and interests with intriguing materials to explore, questions to answer and problems to solve. Students are introduced to the concepts of community and begin to learn how they are a part of it and how they can inspire it.  They build and retain friendships and begin to understand what being in a relationship requires. 

The classroom itself will take on the Reggio Emilia concept and will have a plethora of natural materials that inspire open-ended play and that reflects an image of the child’s home and culture. 

Curriculum for this classroom is designed to not only prepare the student for Kindergarten but to inspire a lifelong adoration for learning and exploration. The daily curriculum will focus on each learning domain suggested by Highscope. These content areas consist of Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Health, Language, Literacy and Communication, Mathematics; Creative Arts; Science and Technology; and Social Studies. Child assessments are performed on a regular basis on each child and curriculum is designed with each child’s individual needs and interests encompassed. 


Preschool Supply List


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